Project Canto

We have been hard at work for the past year or so on the engine technology for our first game, code-named Canto.  Finally, we’re at a point where we can start to share our progress.

About Canto

Face overwhelming odds together. Canto offers a deep skill-based fantasy combat action system set in beautiful 3D environments. Master the challenge solo or in groups of up to four friends online. Co-operative mission-based levels allow the game to be experienced in short bursts of intense fun.


Canto is an action game, first and foremost. Progression through the game is based primarily on a player’s beat-em-up skills and much less on stats or numbers. That being said, figuring out the best armor and weapons for the job, and packing the right gear to take into battle is also important for success. Mining and crafting in-game is supported so if players find themselves in a difficult situation there are ways to overcome and prevail through preparation.


Individual weapon types play very differently and each player will find ones that match their own preferred play-style.

Add to that an inhospitable environment and a dash of PVP-lite, so people can play silly buggers with their teammates without dire consequences, leaving the it open for some satisfying and mischievous fun.


We started by building our own engine and tools rather than working with an existing engine.  We’ll go more into that decision in a later post, but while there have been positives and negatives to rolling our own, we are extremely happy with the results.  We had network play going pretty early on in development so as we add features we hold regular play-tests with our friends and contributors both locally and overseas.


If you’d like to reach us, you can grab our email address over on the contact page.

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