Projects In Development

In addition to providing programming and audio consulting services to external clients, we also develop our own original games.


Canto is a 3D fantasy action game played from a 3rd person perspective. The game is currently being developed for PC.

Special thanks to WP van Overbruggen for creature modeling, Rom Di Prisco for music and Mark Facey for creature designs!

Fantasy Action Combat

The action focuses on the struggle of a small group of human frontiersmen battling giant spirit creatures in a series of awe-inspiring wilderness environments. The world of Canto can be fully enjoyed by individual players offline, however it is best experienced in groups of up to four players cooperating online.

Crafting System

Players will gather materials and resources from the field with which they will craft weapons, equipment and items to help them battle more formidable foes. By experimenting with the range of tools and equipment available, players will develop their own hunting strategies. Players will further refine their playing skills by mastering the deep combat system, coordinating with allies and closely observing the behaviour of their opponents.